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SebaKMT has become the world’s market leader in the development, manufacture and sale of measuringequipment and systems in the following areas: cable diagnosis, cable fault location, electrical leak location, line and object location, TV inspection of sewers. June Company repair facility, electrical engineers, and electronics technicians are fully equipped to repair all SebaKMT products professionally to manufacturer’s specifications.

SebaKMT Cable Fault Locator Repair


Our engineers are very proficient with cable fault locator repair and have been for over twenty years. SebaKMT has top of the line products and the parts are very difficult to purchase and manufacture  but we have both area’s covered. The benefits of great technology and the willingness to make technology better. Our repair and calibration labs repair and are not limited to:

SebaKMT HVB 10 High-voltage bridge for cable fault location, SebaKMT EZ-Thump fault location system repair, SebaKMT Smart Thump 16 fault location system, SebaKMT Smartfuse250 fault location low voltage system repair, SebaKMT SFX 5-1000 portable fault location system repair, Seba KMT SFX 8-1000 cable fault location system repair, SebaKMT SFX15/25 battery operated cable fault locating system repair, SebaKMT SFX 32 cable fault locating system, Seba-KMT SFX 40 cable fault locating system repair.


SebaKMT Cable Tester Repair


SebaKMT cable test systems can be used for the testing of cable systems and for burning down high-resistance cable faults with a high breakdown voltage. June Company emulates this process during initial evaluation of the repair process, then the unit is brought through a signature troubleshooting and evaluation process not to only repair but to ensure future reliability. Along with the intricate electronics repair, connectors, cables, clamps, interconnection apparatus will all be evaluated, tested and if needed replaced. This is all to ensure the safety, accuracy, and reliability of the test instruments many years in the future.