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Omicron CMC 256 Repair | Omicron Repair Services

Omicron CMC 256 Repair | Omicron Repair Services

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June Company Industrial Services offers expert Omicron CMC 256 repair and calibration services for the Omicron CMC256 relay test set. The Omicron CMC 256 is the universal relay test and commissioning tool for testing all generations and types of protection relays. Please fill out our Omicron Quick Quote form and an Omicron repair and calibration specialist will respond within the hour in most cases.

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Omicron CMC 256 Repair

June Company Industrial Services offers Omicron CMC 256 repair service and calibration services for the Omicron CMC 256 relay test set. To receive an Omicron CMC 256 repair quotation, please fill out the Omicron Quick Quote Form and a customer service associate will respond to you, usually within an hour! Omicron standard and rush repair service is available, as well as calibration in the United States and internationally. Once your Omicron CMC-256 voltage protective relay test set is received, a certified electronic technician will evaluate your instrument and will offer a formal quotation. Once the Omicron quotation is approved, a certified electronics technician will disassemble the Omicron relay test set, and clean, troubleshoot, and repair the Omicron test set. When final Omicron repairs are performed, our certified electronics technician will then load test the Omicron and calibrate it to manufacturer specifications. All Omicron repair and calibration services are performed only after customer approval.




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  1. James Rikvole

    We use our Omicron 356 with several other Omicron meters for several applications and most are in the field rather than in the electrical shop. That said, one of our Omicron 356 relay test sets fell out of our vehicle and after that it would not power up, and I could hear things loose inside. Sent in for repair and I was pleased with the results. I received the meter back pretty quickly and in excellent shape.

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