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Beamex MC6-T Temperature Calibrator Repair

Beamex MC6-T Temperature Calibrator Repair

June Company’s management and technical staff are committed to providing innovative solutions and superior performance by leveraging decades of experience and industry-leading expertise. Our team specializes in component-level repairs, rebuilds, and refurbishments of industrial electronic equipment. We meticulously evaluate each unit and identify any failing components, considering all possible repair and rebuild options. Once you approve our flat-rate quote, we proceed with repairing your unit and subject it to appropriate testing using advanced tools. To ensure top-notch quality, we perform a final quality assurance check before shipment. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians have extensive experience in detecting faulty components that render electronic equipment unusable. We replace these components, retest the units, and conduct quality checks in a live environment that simulates real-world applications. Our comprehensive process ensures that the electronic equipment we repair undergoes the most reliable testing in the industry.


Dry wells or dry block calibrators are versatile temperature calibrators that can be used in the metrological calibration of temperature measurement equipment such as temperature sensors, thermometers, and other measuring instruments, by heating or cooling a metal block to a specific temperature. They offer a solid combination of accuracy, portability, stability, and price, and can accommodate a range of RTDs, thermocouples, thermistors, PRTs, bi-metal thermometers, etc. through drilled inserts for calibration. As a result, dry block calibrators are highly effective in both the field and the lab.


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