Phenix Technologies Repair Services

Phenix Technologies Repair Service

Allen Industries offers repair services for high voltage and high current test instruments for the power generation and power distribution industry including nuclear power plants, cogeneration plants, substations, transfer stations and smaller county wide co-op power stations.

Phenix Technologies Motor Core Loss Tester Repair

Allen Industries knows every rewind shop should require a core loss analyzer and we are able to provide ISO-9000 repair and calibration certification for rewind shops worldwide. IBEW remarks: Excessive core loss negatively affects the efficiency of a motor. Core loss testing is necessary to insure the quality of a motor or motor rewind. The Phenix Technologies Core Loss Test Set is a continuously variable low voltage, high current power supply for testing stators, rotors and armature cores.

Phenix Technologies Core Loss Tester Repair
Phenix Technologies KVM Kilovoltmeter Repair

Phenix Technologies AC/DC Kilovoltmeter Repair

Allen Industries not only repair and calibrate Phenix instruments, we replace every part that is considered fifty percent worn to ensure a long life span of this expansive array of products. Phenix Technologies offers 100 kV and 200 kV model AC/DC Kilovoltmeter that can measure in Peak Responding, Peak Value, True RMS, Average, DC as well as RMS value of DC ripple.

Phenix Technologies Partial Discharge Detector Repair

Repair is available for partial discharge detectors and Phenix Technologies is in the forefront of the industry of high voltage test and measurement. Allen Industries is also a cutting edge technical company, repairing and calibrating premier high voltage instrumentation with a state of the art testing facility.

Phenix Technologies Partial Discharge Detector Repair