Omicron Electrical Tester Repair

OMICRON serves the international electrical power industry with innovative products  for testing, diagnostics and monitoring of electrical generation, transmission, and distribution worldwide. June Company offers outstanding repair and calibration services for power companies, electrical wholesalers and electrical companies worldwide as well. Our premises are equipped to repair, simulate and calibrate high voltage test instruments up to 800kV. Our technicians and engineers never outsource any repairs and stock a majority of the parts needed to expedite your Omicron meter repair. To start the process simply fill out our QUICK QUOTE Form and one of our friendly personnel will respond usually within the hour! It’s that easy and fast.

Omicron Relay Test Set Repair

June Company specializes in relay test set repair and Omicron is no different. Our technicians have schematic diagrams for just about every relay test set made and Omicron is no exception. along with schematic diagrams our technicians load test all voltage and current sensitive components to not only repair the problems but to solve the problem that initiated the failure then load test components to help eliminate future failures. These training procedures with future error detection practices are virtually unheard of in the electronics repair industry!

Omicron Circuit Breaker Test System Repair

Our company is heavily invested in the training, proper testing systems, load test systems, and the safety of our technicians and engineers during the testing, repair, and calibration processes. Also we are committed to the safety of the repairs being performed to eliminate any safety concerns with their equipment in the field. At June Company we have you covered!

Omicron Transformer Tester Repair Services

Our repair and calibration facilities offer state of the art testing devices made by the manufacturers that we repair for. This provides our technicians and engineers absolute values within our testing and calibration procedures to have no loose ends when returned to our valuable customers.