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Megger Repair Services.

Allen Industries repair Megger. products from handheld Megger. megohmmeters to large AVO Intl. cablefault locators. Biddle Instruments, AVO Intl., Multi Amp, and Programma are owned by MeggerLimited. Allen Industries has over thirty years of experience repairing AVO, Biddle Instruments, and Megger meters and sourcing parts so just leave it us to repair any of your test and measurement equipment in a timely manner. To get started simply fill out our short QUICK QUOTE form!

Megger Insulation Tester Repair

Megger insulation tester repair service includes MIT series insulation testers (MIT510, MIT520, MIT515, MIT 525, MIT 1025 and the older MJ series analog insulation testers. Our electronic technicians have repaired thousands of insulation testers and stock most parts to shorten the repair process and return the meter back to you quicker than most companies including the manufacturer.

Megger MIT Insulation Tester Repair
Megger DLRO Repair | Megger DLRO Calibration

Megger DLRO Repair

Megger DLRO. repair includes repairing initial faults and replacing parts that are close to “end of life cycle” such as capacitors to assure the DLRO meter is functional and accurate for years to come. Our repair technicians then calibrate the Megger DLRO meter with our NIST calibrators and offer calibration for your ISO-9000 program.

Megger Oil Test Set Repair

Megger oil test set repair includes standard calibration and a complete tear down of the oil test set for visual inspection because of physical damage or loosening of parts is a typical problem with oil test set meters. Physical and electrical connections become loose over time and need tightened and repaired back to original specifications. Packing these meters properly are important when used in the field and proper cleaning is essential as well.

Megger Oil Tester Repair | Megger Oil Test Set Repair and Calibration
Megger TTR Meter Repair | Megger TTR Calibrationb

Megger TTR Repair

Megger TTR repairs consist of our highly qualified technicians troubleshooting from the incoming power cord to the outgoing probes and clamps. Every part is inspected and repaired after inspection. Due to high vibration and jarring in the field, internal and external parts become physically damaged over time. Transformers often become loosened because of their weight and will need either repaired or replaced. Most parts are in stock in our facility to expedite the repair time.

Megger PFL repair

Allen Industries specializes in PFL repair and understand the high voltages that are used and the safety ramifications involved. With that in mind our technicians are very careful and take every precaution to evaluate all insulation cracks, ground connections, high voltage connections, capacitor ball connections, large resistor ball connections, and contactor connections. Once all of the high voltage side is repaired and tested then our technicians evaluate the diagnostic side and repair as necessary. After reassembly, a series of tests are performed on the PFL for final calibration.

Megger PFL Repair | Megger PFL Calibration