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Megger Meter Repair Services

Megger Battery Tester Repair Services for power companies

Megger Battery Tester Repair

Megger impedance and capacity testing equipment for repair and calibration services. Service for Torkel battery load testers, Megger BITE series BITE, BITE2, BITE2P, and BITE3 (battery impedance testers), the Megger BGL battery ground fault locators, Megger BGFT battery ground fault tracer. Our engineers and technicians specialize in Megger battery testing equipment repair and off very quick turnaround if needed!.

Megger PFL Repair North America Power Plants

Megger Cable FaultLocator Repair

Megger Power meter repair, Megger cable fault locating and testing equipment includes the EZ-Thump Compact CFL, EZ-RESTORE OVERDRIVE CFL (cable fault locator), PFL Series (power fault locator), Surge Wave Generators, Surgeflex series CFL (cable fault locator) system, Megger impulse generators. Our services include both repair and calibration service for these meters, and also the discontinued Megger meters. Most parts are in stock saving you down time and we have our own schematic diagrams for every AVO Int’l, Biddle Instruments, and Megger instrument made. This is truly our specialty!


Megger Cable Tester Repair

Our technicians repair Megger cabletesters on a daily basis and have the knowledge from engineering degrees, technical degrees and electrical backgrounds in the industrial field to recognize not only the repair process but any components that may fail in the near future.

TDS NT, Combined Cable Test & Diagnosis System, VLF Sine Wave 34 kV Sine Wave VLF System, VLF Sine Wave 45 kV Sine Wave VLF System with Integrated Tan Delta, VLF Sine Wave 54 kV High Power Sine Wave VLF System, EasyTest 20 kV Simple VLF Cable Tester,.VLF CR-28/40/60 Cosine Rectangular VLF System, VLF CR-60/80-HP High Power Cosine Rectangular VLF System, CDS Cable Diagnostic System, Tan Delta Attachment VLF Systems Accessory, PD LOC Partial Discharge Locator, LPD Live Partial Discharge Monitor, PD Surveyor Air Handheld Partial Discharge Detector, MMG 10 Cable Sheath Tester, HV Tester 25 Battery-operated HV DC Tester, HV Tester 50/80/110 Portable HV DC Tester