HAEFELY KVM SERIES – AC/DC KILOVOLTMETER REPAIRHaefely Hipotronics Internation Service center Repair Services

June Company provides expert repair for kilovolt meters and we have the loads to test them once repaired. Our engineers and technicians also offer highly accurate calibration services for kilovoltmeters too. Our technicians service all Haefely KVM high voltage measurement systems, rush and standard services available.


Our engineers and technicians provide repair service for the full KVM line of meters ranging from 100kV to 400kV. Most parts are in stock ensuring a quick and accurate instrument returned to you for immediate testing.

Haefely KVM100 Repair

Haefely KVM200 Repair

Haefely VM300 Repair

Haefely KVM400 Repair

Haefely Hipotronix Tettex CalibrationHAEFELY CALIBRATION SERVICE

Our calibration lab can calibrate just about any instrument with an output of 800kV! Our technicians are adapt to testing meters with high voltage and our safety guidelines are second to none. NIST calibration for ISO conformance is our specialty.

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