Haefely High Voltage Test Repair Services

Haefely Hipotronics Repair Services

As a leading supplier in the Haefely high voltage test equipment business Haefely Test AG has a reputation for quality and reliability based on an extensive product range and vast experience gained for over 100 years.

June Company specializes in the repair and calibration of Haefely impulse voltage products such as impulse voltage generators, generator controls such as GC223 and GC257, and impulse measuring controls including HiAS 743, DiAS 733, DMI 551, and calibration equipment RSG 482, RIC 422, R 500 REF, RCZ 500 REF, USG 40, and RM 430.

Impulse Current TestingHaefely Impulse Generator Repair

Haefely High Voltage Test offers the SSG impulse current generator line, which covers the whole range of impulse current applications and related international standards. June Company is one of very few companies with the capabilities to repair Haefely impulse current generators. Model include but not limited to SSG 200-180, SSGA 100-150 

Haefely High Voltage Test RepairAC Voltage Testing Controls

June Company offers repair and calibration for Haefely “AC voltage controllers” Haefely models OT 248, OT 276, OT 257, and the DMI 551. Most Haefely parts are in stock and repairs are usually have a very steady turnaround time and of course we offer rush repair if needed.

Instrument Transformer Test Equipment

Haefely Axos8 Surge Telecom Wave Immunity Test System Repair

Haefely AG has been a repair specialty side for June Company for hundreds of repairs and calibrations. We have the high voltage capabilities to load test Haefely products before, during and post repair. A few Haefely meters serviced are “automatic instrument transformer test set” models 2763, 2767, 2769, “programmable electronic current burden” model 3691, 3692, “programmable electronic voltage burden” models 3695, 3697, “passive standard voltage burden” model 3644, “standard current transformers (comparators)” models 4761, 4764, “standard electronic voltage divider” model number 4860, “current supply” 5260 series, “voltage supply” 5270 series. Repair and calibration including rush repair are available.

Haefely Resistance Measurement

Haefely Resistance Meter Repair

For June Company instrument test meters are where we started out over twenty years ago and we moved into all high voltage and current meters soon after. Haefely meters specialized repair include the following and are repaired in our repair labs and never outsourced. “High Current Winding Resistance Meter” Haefely models 2292 and 2293, “micro-ohm meter” Haefely model 2226A, “portable tera-ohm meter” Haefely model 5478, “mega-ohm meter” 5476 and 5476a. Our engineers and technicians have produced Haefely schematics for all of the models mentioned and are updated frequently.

Haefely Hipotronics DDX9101 Partial Discharge Meter Repair

Haefely Partial Discharge (PD) measurement

Partial discharge repair solutions ranging from simple discharge meters to digital detectors with diagnostic capabilities. June Company. excel in the repair of Haefely PD meters. Models include Haefely “modular partial discharge measuring system” 9121b, “advanced partial discharge detector with cable fault location and noise discrimination” DDX 7000, DDX 7000SL, and DDX 8003, Haefely “partial discharge detector” DDX 9101, “Reference Partial Discharge Calibrator” KAL 9520, “partial discharge calibrator” model 9216, “RIV calibrator” KAL 9530. Most Haefely parts are in stock.

Haefely Hipotronics MIDAS Micro 2883 Insulation Analyzer Repair

Haefely Transformer Testing Equipment

June Company offer repair services for the Haefely handheld TTR meters up to the state of the art high voltage transformer testing systems. “transformer turns ratio meter, 250 V” Haefely model TTR 2796, “Transformer Turns Ratio Meter, 100 V” Haefely model TTR 2795, “transformer test system” Haefely model 2285d repair, “transformer measuring system” Haefely model TMS 580, “recovery voltage meter” Haefely model RVM 5462, Haefely “mobile insulation diagnosis & analyzing system” models MiDAS 2880 and 2881, Haefely “frequency response analyzer” Haefely model number FRA 5310 repair. High quality professional Haefely repairs, direct manufacturer parts replacement- never a substitute part- always the direct replacement.