Megger Oil Test Set Repair

Megger produces a great assortment of Dielectric Oil Test Set products, including the OTS series for transformer oil testing to ensure preventive maintenance of large distribution transformers. We keep in stock over 90 percent of the hardware needed to repair and calibrate Megger OTS series test sets. If you want a fast and clear turnaround then we are here for you and your company.

Biddle Instruments and Megger OTS Repair

Megger DLRO Repair

Our expert technicians and engineers repair Megger DLRO meters from the early 80's to now providing not only repair but an understanding of how the DLRO meters are designed. Also we carry parts which is imperative to any repair.

More about Megger DLRO Repair

AVO Megger PFL Repair

June Company Industrial Services has a long history of repairing Biddle Instruments and Megger meters, as well as calibration services. More importantly, we keep in stock most of the PFL cable fault locator parts because we know which parts fail. We also offer a list of the parts that failed for you or your customer as needed.

Megger TTR Repair

June Company Industrial Services has repaired over three thousand TTR meters from the hand held TTR's to the large three phase TTR meters. Our engineers specialize in TTR (transformer turns ratio test set) meters from the large transformers to the smallest of switches, potentiometers and have most parts including capacitors, transformers, and relays in stock.

Biddle Instruments and Megger TTR Repair